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Taking Care of Your NEW Glasses

Taking Care of Your New Glasses – Tips and Tricks

After you purchase your new pair of sunglasses, you’ll get attached to them as they become part of your outdoor life. Keeping them free of wear and tear can be challenging, but here are a few tips to keep your glasses looking like new.

    1. Carry your sunglasses in a hard or sturdy case when you are storing them at home, on the boat, or in your glove box if it is not too hot. Don’t leave your glasses on your dashboard where the sun can fade and damage them. Never put them face down on a surface and putting unprotected glasses or sunglasses in your purse or pocket will lead to damage. Don’t regularly place glasses on a sink or vanity top. Spatter, sprays, and cosmetics can corrode lenses, and hair spray or perfume can damage anti-reflective coating.
    2. To keep your new eyewear frames in shape, use both hands to take them off. Wearing them on your head can seem convenient and even act as a funky hairband, but this can cause frames to become misaligned. Your new lenses will not be effective if they are not positioned properly in front of your eyes.
    3. Check regularly for loose screws and tighten them gently with a small screwdriver or come in to see us and we will tighten them for you. Keeping a sunglass care kit with a cleaning cloth, lens solution and screwdriver will help keep them in great condition.
    4. To clean your new lenses, it is best to use a gentle solution made specifically for cleaning eyewear. You can however clean your lenses with warm water and a drop of liquid dish soap. Don’t use ammonia, bleach, vinegar or window cleaner because these solutions harm the coating, or anti-reflective layer, on your lenses. Never wipe the lenses when they are dry because the dust sitting on the lens will scratch them. Be extra careful when cleaning prescription sunglasses because the lenses can be more delicate than non-prescription lenses.

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